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Treehouse at Rumuruti
The treehouse at Rumuruti - "18 ft from the ground, White spot on the veranda is J. holding baby. Kanunga and Thoebe on steps."

Glossary Misc. African words, names, abbreviations, etc.
FMS Diary 1906 October 19 1905 left New York, in London with diphtheria. Arrival in Kenya. May 8 marries John. June-move to Laikipia/Rumuruti.
FMS Diary 1908 July 17, Raymond born, leopard killed. Sept. trip to Kijabe. Leave Rumuruti.
FMS Diary 1909-1910 In Illinois. March 1 1910 depart for Kenya. April 12 arrival at Mombasa. John & Gribble trip to Niam Niam. School at Kijabe. Oct 1910 return to Rumuruti. December 10, Claudon born.
FMS Diary 1911-1912 June 27, 1911 move to Matara. March 22, 1912 leave for Congo. Apr. 20 arrive in Congo. Thieves. June 30, Api Hill.
FMS Diary 1912-1913 Starting work at Api Hill. More thieves. November 6 move to Kasengu ("Gasengo"). August 16, 1913 trip to Faradje, trouble with porters. Ends September 17, at Faradje.
FMS Diary 1913 Account of Faradje safari, August 16-October 16. December 18, Dr. Newberry's medical emergency. Account of Christmas 1913, written January 1, 1914.
FMS Diary 1914 April 14, Hurlburt trip to Congo. July 2, mention of WW 1. October 9, Hurlburt returns to Kasengu. October 22, decision to leave Kasengu & return to U.S.A. November 22, back at Kijabe. December 31, in camp at Kapiti Plains on way to Mombasa.
FMS Diary 1915 Jan. 8, left Mombasa on Llandovery Castle. Jan. 20, East London (South Africa). Jan. 23, Capetown. Feb. 5, just past Cape Verde. Feb. 14, Plymouth. March 7, New York. April 6, Illinois. Oct. 12, Monroe, Cheese Day. Oct. 26, building a house. Dec. 27, teaching job. 
FMS Diary 1952 Living at Ruwenzori, Belgian Congo. Running guest-house. February 14-19, at Oicha. June 27, Oicha. July 9-16, Biasiko. August 5, Ruwenzori. November 24-December 3, Oicha-bad back. December 10, mention of Mau Mau.
FMS Diary 1953 Jan. 10, Rethy-A.I.M. General Conference. Jan. 20, Ruwenzori. Feb. 18, Jorgensens visit. March 5, Oicha with dysentery & malaria. April 3, decision to move from Ruwenzori to Oicha. Homeschooling Faith & Dick. Apr. 16-26, Bill Howard visit & Lou Trakis, cartoonist. May 26, Dick has measles. June 22-24, Ruwenzori. Sept. 23-Oct. 1, Rethy. Dec. 29, Ruwenzori.
FMS Diary 1954 Jan. 5, Rethy, beginning of term, visiting nearby stations. Jan. 26, Oicha. April 16, Ruwenzori. June 9, Claudon Stauffacher family begin move from Oicha to Ruwezori; Klines to Oicha. June 19, Billy & Faith run away from school. June 23, start work on turbine. Jul. 4, Beth's visit. Aug. 4, Rethy-end of term. Aug. 11, Oicha. Aug. 12, Ruwenzori.
FMS Diary 1955 Jan. 15, Conference at Rethy. Jan. 25, Dicky at Rethy. Feb. 14, Mulungit dead. April 16, turbine on-sort of. July 27 & 29, death of Jane Buyse. Aug. 16 end of term at Rethy. Sep. 5, Pa Dad's hut. Sep. 21, start of term at Rethy. Dec. 16, end of Rethy term.
FMS Diary 1956 Jan. 9, 50 years since landing in Africa. Jan. 12, Dick slides down precipice. Jan. 18, start of term at Rethy. May 16, new term at Rethy. At Rethy for medical evaluation. Aug. 12, flight out of Leopoldville, for U.S.A. Aug. 28, Media, Fla. Sept. 15, left Fla. for Ca. Sep. 29, Placentia, Ca. Oct. 18, hospital. Nausea.