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Treehouse at Rumuruti
The treehouse at Rumuruti - "18 ft from the ground, White spot on the veranda is J. holding baby Raymond. Kanunga and Thoebe on steps."
Oct. 19, 1908

Glossary Informal list of words & abbreviations with explanations.
FMS Diary 1906 Jan. 1, en route to Kenya. Left USA Nov. 1 '05. 4 weeks in London with diphtheria. Jan. 9, landed at Mombasa. Jan. 11, arr. Kijabe. Feb. 5-Mar. 19, John & Ridler gone to Laikipia. Apr. 11, first mention of Mulungit. May 8, married to John. June 7, leave Kijabe for Laikipia (Rumuruti). June 14, arr. Rumuruti. June 28, plans for house & tree house. Aug. 15 Hurlburts visit. Aug. 27, Mulungit's cultural conflict. Sept. 17, Mulungit's mother waiting for him to die. Oct. 15, leave for Conference at Kijabe. Oct. 25 arr. Kijabe. Nov. 6-14 return to Rumuruti. Dec. 22, elephants in the garden.
FMS Diary 1908 Feb 7, Rumuruti, move into new house. March 9, Masai man wants to buy Miss N. March 22, Miss Nischer & Mr. Barnett discuss engagement. Apr. 13, horrid hyenas fighting at night. Apr. 20, turns 27. Apr. 21, 1 yr. since John & C.E. Hurlburt returned from Samburu. May 8, 2nd wedding anniversary. May 14-29, John leaves for Kijabe to see Hurlburt. May 29-July 21 Mrs. Hurlburt & children visit. July 18, Raymond born, visit from leopard. Sept. 1-14, en route for Conference at Kijabe. Sept. 22-27, return to Rumuruti. Oct. 5, John pulls part of his tooth. Oct. 25, Bustard "turkey". Nov. 19, Barnetts visit. Dec. 2-19, John leaves for Kijabe to see Hurlburt. Dec. 13, First mention of Tagi. Dec. 24, leave for Kijabe, possibly for USA.
FMS Diary 1909-1910 Oct. 4 '09, in Illinois, with Mulungit. Nov. 1, John & Mulungit traveling. Feb. 1 '10, John back. Feb. 8-10, John traveling. March 1, leave for Kenya. Apr. 12, arr. Mombasa. Apr. 15 arr. Kijabe. May 4, preparations for John & Gribble trip to Niam Niam (Azande tribe, Belgian Congo). May 19-Aug. 20, John leaves for trip, Florence at Kijabe. Sept. 15, leaves Kijabe for Rumuruti. Dec. 3, Barnett twins born. Dec. 14, Raymond goes astray. Dec. 16, Claudon born. Dec. 31, at Rumuruti waiting for next assignment. Hurlburt not pleased with Niam Niam trip.
FMS Diary 1911-1912 Jan. 13, at Rumuruti waiting for CEH decision. John leaves for Nairobi. Feb. 17, Conference at Kijabe. Mar. 20 & 23, deaths of Karl Barnett & Mr. Wall. Apr. 10, John building a road at Kijabe. June 27, assigned to Matara to await CEH arrival. Aug. 10, waiting for Hurlburt & considering leaving the A.I.M. John building road from Matara to Kijabe. Sept. 24, left Matara on camping trip to Nairobi. Oct 8, at Kijabe. Feb. 9, 1912, Hurlburt arrived, cleared up misunderstanding, approved Congo trip. Apr. 4 between Kampala & Hoima on way to Congo. (C.E.H. & Mr. Patten-C.E.H.'s secretary, Mr. & Mrs Haas & baby, Miss Harland, Dr. (Miss) Newberry, John & Florence with Raymond & Claudon.) Apr. 21, Mahagi, Belgian Congo. Apr. 23, Claudon takes first steps walking from John to Mr. Hurlburt. May 15, Hurlburt leaves the group. May 25, May 22, Miss Harland sick. Storm blows down house. May 30, still at Mahagi. Storms, relentless thieves, Raymond sick. June 12, Mahagi, Mr. Haas sick. June 30, at Api Hill, starting to build.
FMS Diary 1912-1913 July 1 '12, starting work at Api Hill, boils. July 9, earthquake. July 18, building a road. Aug. 13, spotted hyena stealing chickens. Sept. 10, heavy thievery. Debating how to respond. Sept. 17, single ladies move into their house. Oct. 7, Mr. Gribble joins group. Oct. 28, John & Gribble look for new mission site with fewer mosquitos & more congenial natives. Nov. 11, at Gasengo Hill (Kasengu). Jan. 13, 1913, letter from Hurlburt instructing John to find a way to Faradje. March 21, move into new (unfinished) house at Kasengu. May 3-19, Mr. Studd & Mr. Buxton at Kasengu. June 25, Mr. Haas left for Kilo & Arebi. Aug. 12, Mr. Gribble & Dr. Newberry married. Aug. 16 Florence leaves with party for Faradje. Aug. 25, en route, relentless problems with porters. Sept. 5, arr. at Aru. Sept. 17, at Faradje.
FMS Diary 1913 Oct. 27, back home at Kasengu after long difficult safari. Dec. 18, Dr. (Newberry) Gribble's medical emergency. Jan. 1, 1914 more on Gribble's medical emergency.
FMS Diary 1914 Apr. 14, Hurlburt & party arrive at Kasengu. Apr. 27 Hurlburt party leaves for Aru. June 20, Mulungit arrives at Kasengu. July 2, talk of War. Aug. 3, letter from Dungu-Hurlburt unwell. Aug. 3, intruder. Oct 1, War becoming more & more of an issue. Oct. 9, Hurlburt arr. Kasegu. Oct. 22, Hurlburt & John decide John & Florence should leave for Kijabe & if possible U.S.A. Oct. 25, camped at Butiaba, Uganda. Oct. 31, on board "S.S. Sanley". Nov. 5, at Jinja. Nov. 12, on board "Nyanza" bound for Kisumu, 200 donkeys on board, looking out for German gunboats. Nov. 20, back at Kijabe. Dec. 31 camped a Kapiti Plains en route to Mombasa.
FMS Diary 1915 Jan. 8, left Mombasa on "Llandovery Castle". Jan. 20, at East London, South Africa. Jan. 23, Capetown. Feb. 14, Plymouth, England. Mar. 7, New York. Mar. 22, Chicago. Apr. 2, Hooppole Ill. John still in NY seeing a naprapath. Mar. 27 John rejoins Florence in Ill. Living with family. Aug. 15, mention of ear trouble. Sept. 13 Raymond & Claudon start school. Oct. 26, building a house for $460.00.
FMS Diary 1916 Jan. 7 teaching school in Illinois. Jan. 12 & 15, death of infant Byron Brunemeier. Mar. 4, waiting for letters from John. Mar. 18, with John in Chicago. Mar. 20 saw Dr. about hearing loss. Mar. 22, in new house. Mar. 31-Sept. 18, Cora joins John & Florence. Apr. 20, turns 35.  Apr. 28, Emil gets manured. June 2, school year ends. June 6, leaves to be with Alice. June 9, Darwin Minch Stockwell born. Sept. 28-Oct. 2, in Chicago to see Hurlburt. Nov. 3, hoping to go back to Africa Dec. 15 but no money. Dec. 1, letter from Hurlburt. "Plan for March instead of December." John to work among Masai & Florence to teach. Speaking at area churches.
FMS Diary 1917 Feb. 25, decide to try to catch the Mar. 10 boat for Africa. Mar. 6, in New York. Mar. 7, British Embassy denies permission to enter Kenya because of German ancestry. Mar. 12, in Philadelphia awaiting clearance to go. June 4, at Hatboro PA. June 9, visit from Hurlburt. Oct. 4, still "under inquiry" by British Embassy. Oct. 16, permission granted to enter British East Africa. To sail on Dec. boat. Dec. 11, rec. word boat leaves Dec. 18 from New Orleans. Dec. 20, John having passport trouble. Dec. 30, in New Orleans. Pipes freezing.
FMS Diary 1918 Jan. 8, sail for Africa from New Orleans. Jan. 16, St. Lucia. Feb. 6, Capetown. Feb. 10, Durban, South Africa. Raymond diagnosed with diphtheria. Mar. 14, sail from Durban. Mar. 22, Dar es Salaam, Tanganyika Territory. Mar. 27, Zanzibar. Mar. 29, arr. Mombasa. Apr. 3, Kijabe. June 5, first time leading a meeting at Kijabe. June 15, leaves for Masai country. June 18, arr. at Siyabei. July 3, in unfinished house. July 24, leave Siyabei for Kijabe for school. Aug. 6-9, back to Siyabei. Oct., controversy recruiting Masai soldiers. Nov. 12, end of war. Nov. 13, Spanish influenza breaks out. Nov. 23, RVA closed, "come get children". Nov. 27 arr. Kijabe, snafu connecting with Claudon & Raymond. Nov. 30 back at Siyabei. 
FMS Diary 1919 Jan. 17-20, leave Siyabei for Kijabe. Jan. 29-Feb. 1 head back to Siyabei. Feb. 25, Mulungit & Tagi doing translation work. Mar. 1, Gov't wants Masai wariors to disarm. John & Florence ordered to leave Siyabei station. Mar. 6-9 leave Siyabei for Kijabe. May 9, disharmony & bitter feelings. June 2, RVA opens. June 23-25, return to Siyabei. June 30, started school at Siyabei.July 3, prayed first time in Masai in public. July 11, Tagi translating Romans. July 18, roof on house; leopard escapes gun trap. Aug. 4 Mulungit's infant daughter dies. Aug. 20-23 leave for Kijabe to pick up Raymond & Claudon. Aug. 28-31, back to Siyabei. Oct. 4, lion kills cow, Mulungit drives it away. Oct. 9, burning dead hyenas. Nov. 4, strong storm. Nov. 25-Dec. 6, John leaves for Conference Committee at Kijabe. Dec. 11, Tagi translating & John copying Revelations. Dec. 17, leave on safari to Hot Springs. Dec. 25, Christmas at Endaotua. Dec. 31, in camp at Nyiro, almost home from 2 wk. safari.
FMS Diary 1920 Jan. 1, back at Siyabei from two week safari to Hot Springs. Jan. 6, two lions one hyena & dog in gun trap. Jan. 24-26, en route to Kijabe for Conference. Feb. 20-22 back to Siyabei. Feb. 29 work started on stone house at Siyabei. John digging water ditch. Mar. 16-26, John gone to Kijabe. 7 ft. 7 in. leopard in gun trap. May 3-5, headed for Kijabe, Field Council meeting. May 11-13 back to Siyabei. June 17-Aug. 1, on safari to Eldama Ravine, etc. Aug. 22, Lady McMillan visits. Aug. 29, worried about hearing loss. Sept. 25-28, to Kijabe for Conference & school. Oct. 26-28, headed back to Siyabei, Raymond & Claudon at RVA. Nov. 8 John appointed Deputy General Director. Nov. 14, hyena eats tent strap. Nov. 19, move into new (unfinished) stone house at Siyabei. Nov. 24-26 en route to Kijabe. Kicked by mule. Dec. 31, at Kijabe.
FMS Diary 1921 Jan. 1, At Kijabe; meetings, conference & get Claudon & Raymond. Feb. 24, Claudon & Raymond leave for school at Kijabe. Mar. 9, building new school. Mar. 23, Sydney Gabbott's death. May 7, cut hand. May 21, leaves for Kijabe conference. May 30, leave Kijabe for Siyabei. June 17, on camping trip. June 28, Raymond, Claudon & Linnel Davis leave for R.V.A. Aug. 12, leave on camping trip; rode in Ford. Aug. 19, praying for a Ford. Sept. 16, John has tapeworm. Sept. 26 leave for Kijabe; measles at R.V.A. Oct. 3-5, back to Siyabei. Oct. 30, Raymond baptized. Dec. 19-27, Mara River camping trip. Dec. 31, "Little of the real has been recorded after all." Concerns over serious hearing loss.
FMS Diary 1922 Jan. 2, Herdman takes Raymond & Claudon to R.V.A. Jan. 21, at Kijabe for Conference. Controversy over church unity arises. Feb. 4, back at Siyabei. Feb. 14, Lord & Lady Stanley camping. Mar. 6, school opens in new building. Mar. 8, John called to Kijabe over general strike. Mar. 18, missing John. Apr. 25, John taking chloroform as worm remedy. May 4, John taking oil of male fern. May 24, at Kijabe. May 29, Siyabei. June 5, Lime Spring safari. July 17, John takes big dose of turpentine. Aug. 1, Barnetts visit. Aug. 18, Kijabe for Conference. "Alliance" controversy. Sept. 13, Gabbotts visit. No John. Oct. 4, leopard in & out of gun trap. Oct. 11, Mines safari. Nov. 2, McKenrick & John disagree. Dec. 7, leave for Kijabe- Masai trouble. Dec. 26-Jan. 1'23, trip around Lake Naivasha.
FMS Diary 1923 Jan. 1, at Kijabe for Conference. Jan. 24, at Siyabei. Feb. 17 John replaced by McKenrick as Deputy Director. Mar. 5, big dose of turpentine for tapeworm. Mar. 13, explanation for replacing John. Apr. 18, Claudon & Raymond home from Kijabe. May 9-15, at Quarantine en route to Kijabe. May 30, back at Siyabei. June 19, turpentine worked. July 28, death of Tagi. Sept. 1 children (& Propsts) home from school. Sept. 7, Shaffers arrive. Sept. 19, digging up black mamba eggs. Sep. 27-Oct. 2, at Ngong en route to Kijabe. Oct. 4, Siyabei. All Kikuyu must clear out. Oct. 31, planning for furlo. Dec. 20, Raymond & Claudon home from R.V.A. Dec. 27-Jan. 4, '24, family camping trip to Mara River.
FMS Diary 1924 Jan. 1-4, returning from Mara camping trip. Jan. 21, leave for Kijabe Conference. Jan. 31 Conference closes. Dr advises take furlo soon. Feb. 1 John books passage for May 10. Feb. 2, first trip home from Kijabe to Siyabei in big, quick, safe, comfy car. Apr. 15, leave Syabei. Apr. 17, Kijabe. Apr. 26, Nairobi. Apr. 28, Moshi. Apr. 29, Mashame. May 3, Moshi. May 7, Mombasa. May 10, sail from Mombasa. May 20, Port Said. May 26, Genoa. May 27, Milan. May 31, Zermatt. June 3, Lucerne. June 8, Cologne. June 11, London. Saw Mr. Hurlburt. June 18-24, on board "Majestic" for New York. June 28, New Concord. July 2, Hooppole, Il., mother passed away. John traveling. Getting medical treatments. Sept. 18, Cedar Rapids. Nov. 28, John leaves for Chicago.
FMS Diary 1925 Jan. 1, Florence at family home, Hooppole Illinois; John in Chicago. Jan. 21, with John in Chicago house-hunting. Mar. 1, John wants to go to California. Mar. 25, John leaves for California. June 16, F. M. Brunemeier born. July 27, Last night in the old home. Florence joining John in California. Aug. 5, arr. San Bernardino. Aug. 25 sister Cora & family sail for China. Visit C.E.H. who is facing challenges. Aug. 28, piano arrives. Oct. 31, John turned down by Am. Sunday School Union. Looking for work. Nov. 24 Barnetts arr. in California. Dec. 31, elected Sunday School Superintendent- hoping for excuse to resign.
FMS Diary 1926 Jan. 1, in California. Depressed. Moonlighting by knitting socks. Jan. 26, at Garden Grove helping Hurlburts care for Beka. Mar. 16, bad news from Siyabei. Apr. 16, leaves Hurlburts. Moves back to San Bernardino. May 13, visiting at San Rafael. July 10, Claudon shaves. July 28, "bot a car". Aug. 11, moves to San Rafael-shared house w/Browns-no money. Sept. 10, Albert (bro.-in-law) dies. Oct. 21, Siyabei station closed. Dec. 17, at San Bernardino; trying to make decisions.
FMS Diary 1927 Jan. 1, heading back to San Rafael from San Bernardino. Feb. 20 heard Fritz Kreisler in San Francisco. Mar. 15, Mrs. Westervelt suggests keeping Claudon & Raymond.  Apr. 14, left for Yosemite. May 22, goes on a fruit fast. May 30, Coras back from China.June 5, preparing to return to Africa. June 10, left San Rafael. June 18, saw Hurlburts at Garden Grove. June 25, at Grand Canyon. July 22, arr. Sulphur Springs, Ark. to deliver Claudon & Raymond to Westervelt Family & John E. Brown College. Aug. 22 at Joplin, MO; goodbye to Claudon & Raymond. Traveling with Barnetts. Sept. 13, at A.I.M. home in Brooklyn N.Y.  C.E.H. organizing a new mission. Sept. 22, sailed from N.Y. on SS "American Farmer". Oct. 2, London. Nov. 3, Mombasa. Nov. 5, Kijabe. Nov. 9, Siyabei. Dec. 26, lump on left breast.
FMS Diary 1928 Jan. 1, at Siyabei. Jan. 15, General Conference at Kijabe. Feb. 2, back at Siyabei. Feb. 24, death of Helen Shaffer. May 10, Morris boys visit. June 18, horrific birth. June 30, Ngiro River camp. July 14-Aug. 8, John gone. Sept. 30, lonely without John. (climbing Kilimanjaro?) Nov. 28 calves eat Masai Testament, etc. Dec. 3, outschool effort rebuffed.
FMS Diary 1929 Jan. 1, at Siyabei. Inauspicious start to new year. Tensions within the church. Jan. 19-28, Gen. Conference at Kijabe. Mar. 15, Shaffers leave on furlo. Apr. 27, elders "This mission has done nothing". Aug. 21-Sept. 25, Kilimanjaro trip. Pages lost. Sept. 27-Dec. 31, back at Siyabei.
FMS Diary 1930 Jan. 1,  at Siyabei.  Tensions continuing within church. Jan. 5, Hulda Stumpf murdered at Kijabe. Jan. 15, leave for Kijabe. Jan. 31, back at Siyabei. Feb. 8, Masai elders announce female circumcision policy. June 30, "A more trying & disappointing half year we never lived thro." Sept. 1, 5 girls circumcised at Siyabei. Sept. 6-15, trip with Guildings to Mara & Lemek. Sept. 26, at Kijabe. Oct. 3, with Barnetts at Eldama Ravine. Nov. 7, back at Siyabei. Dec. 2, acquittal at Stumpf trial. Dec. 28-31, at Kijabe-John ill.
FMS Diary 1931 Jan. 1-26, at Kijabe - General Conference. Jan. 27, at Siyabei, with Shaffers. Apr. - more controversy with Masai. May 8, 25th anniversary celebration. June 20-rest of year, locusts. July 6, Edwards visit proposal. Aug. 18, bought a Ford. John learning to drive. Aug. 19-Sept. 6, visit to Rumuruti & Mt. Kenya trip. Sept. 7, back at Siyabei. Sept. 24-27, Narosero trip. Oct. 6, Edwards arrives. Dec. 31, at Siyabei.
FMS Diary 1932 Jan. 1, at Siyabei. Edwards leaves. Jan. 23-Feb. 2, Genl. Conference at Kijabi. June 14, John finishes Masai vocabulary. June 17, leave for Kijabe. July 2, at Siyabei. Also Mr. Scudder, awaiting his fiancee. July 9, John begins at Masai-English vocabulary. July 28, Raymond interested in Miss Sloop. Aug. 16, more about female circumcision. Sept. 7, Mr. Hoyt shoots lion. Sept. 15-Oct. 7, visiting other missions. Oct. 8, Shaffers gone with hydraulic ram. Oct. 25, Andersens visit. Mr. Andersen ill. Nov. 18, at Nairobi & Kijabe. Nov. 22, at Siyabei. Nov. 24 thinking of returning to USA.
FMS Diary 1933 Jan. 1, at Siyabei. Jan. 25, at Kijabe. Jan. 31, at Siyabei - John working on water supply, elders oppose it. Banks dysfunctional. June 7, at Kijabe. June 9-Aug. 18, at Lasit. Moshi, Himo, Loitokitok getting dental work done, visiting Shaffers, D.C. Whitehouse having shauris, exploring Kilimanjaro. Aug. 24 back at Siyabei, via Simba, Mboni, Kangundo, Nairobi & Kijabe. Dec. 13-18, at Kijabe & Nairobi to meet son Claudon arriving from U.S.A. Dec. 19-31 at Siyabei planning to accompany Claudon to Congo.
FMS Diary 1934 Jan.- enjoying being with Claudon & camping & traveling. Jan. 22-29 Kijabe, General Conference. Jan. 30-Feb. 28, trip to Congo with Claudon. Mar. 8, back home at Siyabei, via Torit & Juba. Mar. 11-May 8, John sick. Mr. Andersen terminally ill. May 30, back at Siyabei. Aug. 25, chickens eaten by animals. Sept. 3, hyenas rough house on veranda. Sept. 11, camping & flat tires. Oct. 14, Milaun acting strange. Oct. 24, leopard eats Clarke's dog. Nov. 16, Milaun again. Nov. 23, 3 girls circumcised & lion. Nov. 29 Raymond's wedding day.
FMS Diary 1935 Jan. 1, at Siyabei, preparing for arrival of Raymond & Sara. Jan. 22, at Kijabe for General Conference. Jan. 30, back at Siyabei. Mar. 5, John translating Kings. June 4, tested for aluminum poisoning. June 12, Claudon down from Congo. June 26, leave Siyabei to meet Raymond & Sara arriving at Mombasa. July 12, letter arrives at Mombasa saying Raymond arriving Sept. 4. Aug. 27, Raymond & Sara arrive. Sept. 12, at Siyabei. Oct. 8, at Siyabei. Raymond, Sara & Claudon left for Congo. Dec. 2, decisions regarding baptism.
Yrs. 1936-1959 being transcribed.
FMS Diary 1952 Jan. 1, at Bafuka, northern Congo. (Among the Azande tribe, or "Niam Niam".) Jan. 3, at Oicha. Jan. 7, at Rwenzori, running guest house. Jan. 23, school opens at Rethy. Feb. 14, at Oicha. Feb. 19, at Rwenzori. June 29, [at Oicha] broke arm. July 9, at Biasiko. July 16 back at Oicha. Aug. 5 back at Rwenzori. Aug. 20, Claudon shoots 3 buffalo. Oct. 22, at Oicha. Oct. 24 back at Rwenzori. Nov. 11, thinking about Heaven. Nov. 24, at Oicha, bad back. Dec. 3, back at Rwenzori. Dec. 23 family together at Rwenzori for Christmas. Dec. 28, John's records & memories.
FMS Diary 1953 Jan. 7, left Rwenzori for Oicha. Jan. 10, with family at Rethy for Conference. Jan. 11 stung by bees. Jan. 19, at Oicha. Jan. 20 at Rwenzori. Feb. 18 Jorgensens' visit. Mar. 5, at Oicha with dysentery etc. Apr. 4, Dr. says "never be left alone again". Apr. 15, end of school term at Rethy. Apr. 26, Oicha, Lou Trakis visit & Bill Howard buffalo hunt/narrow escape. May 21, start of school term at Rethy. May 26, Dick has measles. June 22, at Rwenzori. June 24, back at Oicha homeschooling Faith & Dick. Sept. 23, at Rethy, start of school term. Oct. 2, back to Oicha, homeschooling Faith & Dick. Dec. 29, at Rwenzori.
FMS Diary 1954 Jan. 1, camping by Semliki river & Rwenzori. Jan. 5, Rethy. Start of school term. Jan. 21, at Aungba. Jan. 23, at Adi. Jan. 25, at Blukwa. Jan. 26, at Oicha. Jan. 31, Swiss woman attends church in khaki slacks! Mar. 23, Claudon finishing construction of Oicha church. Apr. 8, at Rwenzori. Apr. 12, at Katwa. Apr. 13, at Oicha. Apr. 16, at Rwenzori. June 10 Claudon & family move to Rwenzori. June 19 Billy & Faith run away from boarding school. June 23, Claudon working at turbine at Rwenzori. July 1, at Nyankunde. July 4, [niece] Beth arrives at Irumu. July 5, at Bogoro. July 6, back at Rwenzori. Aug. 4-11, at Rethy, end of school term. Aug. 11 at Oicha. Aug. 12 at Rwenzori. Oct. 22 Raymond almost killed by paint fumes at Rethy. Dec. 31, with family, (except John & Betty) after camping trip at Rwenzori.
FMS Diary 1955 Jan. 1, at Rwenzori with family gathering. Jan. 13, at Rethy. Jan. 25, end of Conference, beginning of school term. Back at Rwenzori. Apr. 16, electric lights come on at Rwenzori, sort of. July 27, death of Jane Buyse. Aug. 16, end of school term at Rethy. Sep. 5, campout at Pa Dad's hut. Sep. 21, school term begins at Rethy. Dec. 14, end of school term. Kids home for vacation. Family united for Christmas. Dec. 31, debating about going on camping trip to Bogoro plains (Kapuru).
FMS Diary 1956 Jan. 2, Stayed at Rwenzori. Didn't go on Bogoro plains camping trip (Kapuru, Jan. 2-7). Jan. 12, Dick slides down precipice. Jan. 17 Rethy school opens. Feb. 18, finished (crocheted) table cloth. Mar. 8, new metal roof on house. Apr. 27, Claudons leave for Mombasa & trip through Europe to USA. May 16 leaves for Rethy. June 30, at mid-term-picnic, Rethy. July 20-23, at Kacengu. Fell out of car. Aug. 8 graduation exercises at Rethy. Aug. 10 at Nyankunde en route USA. Aug. 12 flies from Leopoldville. Aug. 13 flies from Lisbon to New York. Aug. 15 at 253 Henry St., Brooklyn N.Y. Aug. 17, at Sloops. Aug. 24, at Columbia, SC. Aug. 28 at Media, Minneola FL. Sept. 15-29 road trip with sister Cora & Edward to Placentia, California. Oct. 18-22 at Mt. View Hospital. Dec. 31, with Cora & Edward.