New book on intaglio white ground technique.

Etching with Permeable Grounds

       Letter from Frank Cassara about

            "Etching with Permeable Grounds"

Etching with Permeable Grounds, latest release from Hickory Bud Press:
234 pages of pictures and detailed information about making and using permeable grounds,
also known as White Ground or "soap ground".    
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Sample pages:
Table of Contents; Introduction1Introduction2; Introduction3; Introduction4;
Pg2; Pg10; Pg19; Pg20; Pg28; Pg33; Pg34; Pg59; Pg73; Pg77;
Pg87; Pg89; Pg92; Pg98; Pg114; Pg117; Pg147; Pg183; Pg191

Etching with Permeable Grounds back cover

• Paperback: 234 pages, 81⁄2 x 11 in

• ISBN-13: 978-0-9829455-7-5
• List price: $27.50
• Also available through Ingram and .
• For more information, contact Richard Stauffacher
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