Hand Colered/Aquatint Etchings

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Kibo Mchana, aquatint etching
"Kibo Mchana"

Kibo Usiku, aquatint etching
Kibo Usiku

The two "Kibo" images are a double edition, One copper plate is inked in two different ways to produce two different images. "Mchana" is Swahili for "daylight" and "Usiku" is  "night time". Kibo is the large, rounded and higher of the two peaks of Mt. Kilimanjaro.

These two images are aquatint only; no hand coloring.

(Based on photograph by Paul W.  Robinson.)

Old Buffalo
"Old Buffalo"

In Some Brush
"In Some Brush"

"Sunlit Sagebrush" zebras in sagebrush
"Sunlit Sagebrush"

"Two Trees", hand colored etching
"Two Trees"