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The Medium & the Prints

All these prints are made using various etching techniques, and then almost all of them are hand-colored with water color, colored pencil, etc. by the artist. There are many books commonly available describing the etching process as it applies to fine art. Essentially, an image is etched onto a metal plate (these are all on zinc or copper) using acids to do the etching of the metal, then a stiff thick ink is spread on the plate and then wiped off, by hand, for each copy. Since the image has been physically etched into the plate, it holds ink. Then the plate is laid face up on the bed of a press and a piece of dampened paper is laid on top of it, and both are run between large steel rollers which mash the paper down on to the plate and pick up the ink in the image, transferring the image to the paper. Even if there were no ink, there would still be a visible embossed image on the piece of paper, and almost all etchings display an embossed edge around the image, created by the edge of the plate. All the work on these prints; (the creation and etching of the image on the metal plate, the inking, wiping and printing of the images on the paper, and the hand coloring  and of course the signing and numbering) is done personally by the artist. For a more detailed look at the process used to create these prints, see Work in Progress.  For a simple but excellent explanation of etching and other printmaking processes, see What is a Print? from the Museum of Modern Art website.

Dimensions are given for the image (picture) area. All the prints have a 1 1/2 inch to 4 inch margin of blank paper around this - the smaller margins on the smaller prints, so the paper size is larger than the image size. There are limited edition prints, with edition sizes ranging from 100 to 300 prints, and giclee reproductions that are issued in open (unlimited) editions.

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Returns Policy:
Due to variations in computer monitors and the technology in general, it is difficult to accurately present artwork on a computer screen over the Internet, however every effort has been made to do so here and these images are fairly close to the appearance of the actual etchings.  If for any reason you wish to return a print, the following policies apply.

Shipping is not refundable, and the buyer assumes the cost of shipping and insurance on the return shipment.  If a print is damaged during an uninsured return shipment, there will be no refund.  However if the print is returned within 30 days from the date it was originally shipped by the artist, and in undamaged condition, the full purchase price minus the cost of shipping and insurance of the original shipment will be cheerfully refunded.